CarieScan Detection Unit

caries 2At Cannon Hill Dental we use a CarieScan Detection Unit.  The unit is a diagnostic device which can provide the most accurate method for the early detection of caries.  Patients with susceptible fissure patterns (pits or grooves) can be monitored over time with the unit which can provide repeatable data.  It is shown to have a 94.8% accuracy in detecting decay in these deep grooves.


The fissures within a tooth are more susceptible to decay development than other sites of the tooth.  Not only do these fissures trap plaque, it is much harder to clean with your toothbrush as the bristles may not penetrate these fissures effectively. Not being able to clean the fissures effectively means the tooth is at a higher risk of having plaque left behind which causes decay. This places a much greater importance in diagnosing the decay early.

caries 3It is a painless test which involves the dentist simply drying the tooth and placing the tip of the unit in the fissures of the tooth.  The unit will then give us a reading between 0-100. A reading of 0-50 means there is a low probability of caries. A reading of 51-90 is a medium probability of caries and a reading of 91-100 is a high probability of caries. These readings are repeatable measurements that allow for ongoing patient monitoring early detection can help minimise the destruction that decay can cause to a tooth. The CarieScan unit measures the carious state of teeth early enough to start preventative treatment.
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