Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays

xraysX-rays are a vital diagnostic tool in dentistry & assist in providing information about a patient’s oral health such as early-stage tooth decay, periodontal disease, decay between teeth and under existing restorations, infections, problems in surrounding bone or some types of tumours.  If x-rays are not taken a regular basis (we recommend every 2 yrs) some dental disease may remain undetected and therefore untreated until more serious symptoms present.

Our practice is committed to bringing the safest and highest quality of care to our patients.  Here at Cannon Hill Dental we have installed Schick Digital X-ray sensors.  Schick are one of the most advanced in digital radiography available today.  Digital dental X-rays are an extremely safe and important part of dental evaluations.  X-Ray technologies allow us to view inside your teeth and surrounding bone structure and provide greatly improved diagnostic capabilities while significantly reducing the patients exposure to radiation by 90 percent compared to old film x-rays.

The x-ray sensor is about the same size as standard dental film.  It uses a cord that transmits the picture instantly to a computer screen where we have the ability to manipulate and enhance it. The image is viewed up to 25 times larger than actual size for clarity. We have to ability to change the colour of the x-ray or the contrast to make it easier to diagnose decay.  This enlarged view and colour changes enables you, the patient to see the condition of your teeth and supporting bone levels for yourself.  X-rays allow us to monitor any changes over time.

The installation of a digital x-ray system shows our continued commitment to providing the best for our patients, staff and the environment.  If you do have any concerns or further questions, please don’t hesitate talking to us.